Viata din Emirate

Cum este viata in Emirate, ce lucruri noi am descoperit aici, care sunt diferentele intre un trai si altul, intre mentalitati, obiceiuri si traditii.

ARTE-cu adevarat handmade in UAE/ ARTE, the Only Place for Handmade in UAE

Emiratele sunt cunoscute mai ales pentru opulenta si glamour insa intre atatea brand-uri si nume care de care mai pompoase exista o comunitate de oameni talentati in ale handmade- ului. De la picturi, obiecte de decor, bijuterii, hainute si pana la gemuri, paine proaspata si duciuri, toate se regasesc sub umbrela a ceea ce este ARTE.

ARTE este un targ care reuneste cateva zeci de artisti si artizani a caror indeletnicire este createa unor obiecte unice. Se intampla in fiecare luna in Dubai in Times Square si Oasis Mall si o data pe luna in Ras al Khaimah.

Veti intalni acolo artisti din Europa, din Asia, Africa dar si din America Latina ori Australia. Este un fel de ONU al handmade-ului in Dubai. Sunt oameni care iubesc sa creeze si iubesc sa-si impartaseasca creatiile cu restul lumii. Veti vedea ca aproape fiecare are o poveste de spus despre cum a inceput sa creeze si fiecare lucru creat are la randul sau o poveste.

ARTE- The Only Place for Handmade in UAE

The Emirates are mostly known for glamour and everything over the top but the fact is that among so many big brands and big names there is a wonderful community of handmade artists and artisans.

Creators of paintings, crafts and jewellery, home decor and clothes to heartwarming sweets, jams and lovely home made bread, all come together under the ARTE brand.

It is actually a handmade market place that takes place in Dubai (twice a month in Times Square mall and once in Oasis) and Ras al Khaimah. You will meet there artists from Europe, Asia and Africa but Also from the Americas and Australia. One could say that is actually a type of UNO of handmade based in Dubai.

They love everything handmade and they love to share their cretions and their stories with everybody. It is a warm, heartwelcoming community that tries to bring the best of handmade in a world that is all about consumerism, mass production and everything fast.

Each artisan has a story to tell and each creation has a story to show. You will love the colours, the beautiful things they have to offer and especially the people. Really worth visiting, an “out of the mall type” of market, yet with all the comfort of a mall trip.





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